GUEST BLOG: Ultimate Moving Checklist

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Moving house is probably the biggest undertaking that people ever go through outside of their working life. If you’re about to undertake a house move in Glenorchy, then you need to be aware of the challenges that lie ahead.

The secret is in the preparation, so 4one4 Real Estate has enlisted the help of Kent Removals and Storage to create an Ultimate Moving Checklist to help the whole process run a little smoother.

Two Months Until Moving Day

There is no room for procrastination when it comes to moving house. If you want a successful and stress-free move you need to start right away. Do a little bit every day, rather than trying to do it all in one weekend.

With two months before moving day you can start:

  • Ringing around to a variety of moving companies and asking for free in-home visits and volume estimates. Don’t trust moving quotes from companies that don’t offer these—a moving quote cannot be accurate until they see how much you need to move
  • Creating an itemised list of expenses so you don’t blow your budget halfway through the move
  • Going through everything you have and ask yourself what you really need and what you can sell or donate. The cost of your move is directly related to the volume of your possessions so don’t pay to move superfluous possessions
  • Don’t wait to book storage. Good storage options book out quickly. So if you need storage, book it now!

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One Month Until Moving Day

By now, your packing should well and truly be in full swing. A few tips when it comes to packing:

  • Never over-fill your moving boxes. You want to make sure that you’re using the right box for the job. For example, books should be packed in smaller boxes, so that they don’t become too heavy. And bedding and towels should go into larger boxes, given the lighter nature of their contents
  • Be sure to take your time when packing. Fragile and precious items should be wrapped individually, with bubble wrap where necessary
  • Never use newspaper as a packing material. The black ink rubs off easily, leaving stains on the items in which it comes in contact with.

Two Weeks Until Moving Day

An early start doesn’t mean you can down tools in a hurry. You have to keep chipping away every single day or your ‘To Do List’ will start to pile up.

With two weeks until moving day you need to be:

  • Finalising your moving plan and making sure that things like access points and arrival times have been communicated with your removals provider
  • Contacting local authorities at both addresses to ensure that you’re aware of parking and access restrictions so you don’t get hit with any roadblocks or fines on the day of the big move
  • Calling utility companies to have disconnection and reconnection booked in so you don’t have to spend your first night in your new home without electricity, gas and water
  • Take your car down for a service so it is in perfect working order for the big move
  • If you have young children try to organise a babysitter. Moving day is hard enough without chasing screaming toddlers around
  • Create a floor plan of your new home that includes instructions about furniture placement and set up. You can then give this to your removalists on the day off their move, which will make their lives easier and get your new home set up a lot faster.

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The Week of the Move

By now, you should have taken care of all the main jobs associated with moving. There should be just a few minor odd jobs left on the list, including:

  • Empty out your fridge and freezer, and give them a thorough clean. It’s always best to do this the day before you move, and then leave them to dry (with their doors open) overnight. You don’t want to risk any leaks or spills damaging your other belongings
  • Drain any liquids from other appliances, such as washing machines and dryers, and ice makers
  • Fit your washing machine with moving bolts, so the drum and doors don’t rattle around during transit, causing all sorts of damage
  • Make up an ‘essentials’ kit with odds and ends that you might need on moving day, such as a first aid kit, a phone charger, a list of important phone numbers
  • Pack an ‘essentials’ bag for each member of your family, including a change of clothes, any medication that might be required, and favourite toys for any children

All you have to do is move through the items on the checklist and by moving day you’ll be in a good position and you’ll avoid all the stress and worry you’ve heard so much about.

Author: Sally Wood -Communications Coordinator @ Kent Relocation Group


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GUEST BLOG: Ultimate Moving Checklist