When should you buy or sell a home?

Have you ever heard about the ‘selling and buying seasons’ in real estate? These terms are quite often thrown around in the media with the most popular one being the idea that Spring is the best time to sell and buy a home. However, each season has a different effect on the real estate industry, so which is right for you?

Let’s start with everyone’s favourite Spring!

For a seller the days are more appealing, gardens are in bloom, and there tend to be more buyers around as they become more active again as the colder months start to disappear. The disadvantage from selling in spring is there is usually a higher volume of homes for sale which can result in more competition for a vendor buy fantastic choice for a purchaser’s.

The final advantage for both sellers and purchasers is that there is a good chance that if you price your home correctly that you can sell and move all before Christmas allowing you to relax over the holiday season.

Next in line is Summer!

When selling in Summer, there are some significant advantage to take advantage off and if your home has a fantastic BBQ area or outdoor space, then this season is the perfect time for you to sell. Australians love hosings BBQ’s with friends and family so really take advantage of your outdoor area by making it look as inviting as possible. Ensure gardens are well maintained and allow the agent to run open homes and inspections during the evening so you can sell that outdoor lifestyle.

As a purchaser you will find ample choice during this season allowing you to shop around to find your perfect home, the disadvantage is that you likely will not be alone so if you see something you like then move quickly before it is sold to someone else.

What advantages does Autumn offer?

When it comes to Autumn, we here at 4one4 Real Estate find that the market does tend to quieten off a little however as an owner looking to sell this is not a bad thing because with fewer homes for sale can result in exceptional prices as buyers move quickly to secure a property.

If you a buyer looking to make a move in autumn then always look for the natural light in property as this is essential during the winter months and will be amazing once summer comes around again.

Why is winter more popular then you realise?

When you think of winter you don’t always think of selling because of the days are short, its cold, wet and home generally look unappealing during that time. However what you might not know is that many investors are active during these months and if you home lends itself to an investor purchasing it then winter is the perfect time to sell.

You may ask why investors are active at this time of year and it’s for two reasons. One investor like to see homes at their worse so they can identify any issues a home may have, so it’s important to fix all those little imperfections before going to market. The second reason is the because of the end of the financial year; some investors will look to secure another property around this time to help offset their taxable income.

As a buyer that is not an investor then you will generally have a lot less competition and be well positioned to take your time in making a decision, so if you don’t like the idea of being pressured to act quickly then winter is the perfect time for you to consider purchasing.

It’s possible to end up with a successful sale during any time of the year providing the agent you appoint to sell your home can identify the homes selling features and pitch it to the correct market. If you have been thinking of selling and are curious as to what season-best suites your home then feel free to give us a call as we are always ready to help here at 4one4 Real Estate.

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When should you buy or sell a home?