Game changing marketing!

Today 4one4 Real Estate are excited to announce our newest marketing strategies designed to ensure the ideal buyer sees our vendor’s properties.

We call it 4one4 Smart Target…. you may be thinking whats “Smart target?” Well we have been working hard on our new 2019 advertising campaigns over the past few weeks to ensure your property is exposed to the public in the best light and our new smart target product is designed to do just that.

Every client that lists with 4one4 Real Estate now received a private website (to see a live example visit: which has been designed to ensure that a users attention is focused on your home without distraction from other properties and third-party advertising.

From there we have been working closely with our digital partners to ensure we can then send your website directly to people that could potentially be looking for homes like yours across, Facebook, Instagram and the Google Ad network which includes sites like eBay, and other reputable sites.

Throughout the marketing campaign, you can log into your own private “live” dashboard and see exactly how your marketing is travelling across all advertising mediums in one handy location which provides a nice transparent perspective to the real estate market place.

This form of targeted advertising is a fantastic feature for our vendors as it allows us to showcase exactly where their marketing investment went and the direct result it generated, and this is something we are truly excited about said Patrick Berry, Director of 4one4 Real Estate.

So if you have been thinking of advertising and would like to see how our new 2019 Marketing packages might work for you then feel free to give us a call on 0362 737 414 as we would love to help you achieve your property goals.

Marketing Patrick Berry
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Game changing marketing!