Jasmine Attard

Personal Assistant

A little about me

The reason why I joined real estate was because I wanted to be doing something that impacted someone’s life and where I was actually out meeting and helping people and basically what I mean by that is finding them their dream home.

Growing up one thing I was sure about was I never wanted to be that girl who was just stuck in an office all day because honestly where is the fun and excitement in that when there’s so many new and exciting people to meet. Real estate may be a tuff job but at the end of the day all the work you put into helping people out makes it all worthwhile and rewarding, especially when you see them opening the keys to their new home for the first time, it brings me so much joy and satisfaction to the point where I can’t wipe the smile of my face.

Many people may think of real estate agent as just another typical sales person but I approach real estate from the prospective as being the consultant for my clients and really understanding what it is they want. I never want to be the type of person who’s just trying to sell and push something onto you that I know just isn’t going to work. One thing that my clients also like about me is even after the transaction has ended I’ve developed such a good friendship with them and they know they can always reach out to me if they have a need that arises or they just need someone to talk to.

One thing that also makes me a very adaptable and approachable person is the fact that I’ve moved over 7 times before I actually left school. Therefore, I was always the new kid so a good skill I’ve developed from that over the years was I actually had to get out and approach people in order to make friends. Every single person I met along the way had a different and unique personality, so I know how to establish relationships with all types of people and also connect to my client’s kids that don’t want to move and just reassure them and help them throughout the process.

So if you’re looking for an agent that’s motivated, someone’s that going to communicate and listen to you and adapt to your needs, and someone that has a fantastic grasp on our current technology and marketing trends then I can guarantee I’m the perfect agent for you.


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